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Say it Sissy (Assignment)

It's true: many sissies are of few words. For some sissies it's because they're demure, good little girls; for others it's because they're face is too stuffed to give out anything but a satisfied moan. But for many sissies, it's simply because they're focused on overt things like makeup or clothes or boobs.

But how could any sissy truly hope to reach her true potential if she's too embarrassed or impatient to bring out her own natural, harmonious feminine voice?

First things first: you'll need to practice getting rid of your heavy, masculine tones. There are a few methods for doing this. And unfortunately, just talking with a high-pitched voice won't cut it. There are many videos that can help you with this and many techniques, so you'll need to find one that works. I can start you with this series start. For girls short on time there's a potentially quicker option:

  • Grab a pillow (or something else to mask noise - if needed) 
  • Take a deep breath 
  • Cover your mouth/face with the pillow and then gargle with your voice until it's at the lowest pitch you can get to without it cracking
  • Say, "The wicked witch of the west" repeatedly (30 times or more)
  • Repeat it many more times while trying to sound like an old person 
  • Try to maintain that adjustment while speaking normal sentences.

Of course, each sissy will learn differently, so you'll have to experiment. It may be difficult to judge what you actually sound like, so you may want to use a microphone and Windows Sound Recorder or something like Audacity to check yourself.

Then it's time to practice! For the next 6 hours after you practice try to keep in tune. If you lead a very lonely life or are still hiding your sissy nature, it may be time for a soliloquy about how much of a girl you aspire to be. Or perhaps your love of cock or of women. You may also want to practice some suitable songs.

And since sex and expression are a focal point for sissies, the most important part of your assignment: every time you masturbate you are going to moan and whimper like cock-crazed sissy every time you rub and stroke your clitty. This is surely the part that many sissies will excel at (they may not be able to speak like a girl, but many of them can certainly moan like one).

Of course, you've been practicing your voice, so you'll certainly want to throw in some exclamations about how much you love things on you and inside of you.

Try not to wake the neighbors, sissy :D