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Rolling for More Femininity (Game)

It's time to break out your pink sissy dice and roll once again. Or if you haven't rolled yet, you can start with the first rolling game. You've got a chance at 6 simple tasks any sissy can do!

Your legs are going to be glued together tomorrow. No matter if you're standing or sitting or jumping or trying to run - your thighs must stay next to each other. You can separate them for up to 20 seconds every hour (to clean or wipe or stretch). Otherwise you'll be in the closed feminine stance of having your legs together.

You're going to put on lipstick and wear it off instead of wiping it off. My recommendation is pursing your lips and kissing a pure white sheet of paper so you can keep a record of your sissy escapade hung up on your wall. If you don't have something as simple as lipstick, you'll have to use something like a washable marker (I'll warn adventurous sissies that any non-yellow, non-red color is going to be difficult to wash off - washable or not). You can drink water (or perhaps a more alluring fluid) out of a glass, eat, lick your lips or do anything else you want - aside from wipe off your lipstick. Until you go to bed, where you can clean up the (small) trace that should be left.

It's winter now, so long-sleeve shirts and pants are the norm. There's no reason for you to worry about people seeing your feminine, hairless body after you shave. Which is what you're going to do: shave your legs, your arms, your chest, and your arm pits. Just like a dedicated girl trying to impress!

It's time to practice your handwriting for all the world to see. Everything you write tomorrow is going to be immaculate, smooth and flowing. Even if you must sign your name - you'll put in the effort to make it look neat and feminine (even if it's something official like a driver's licence or a cheque).

Today you're going to claim the bathroom for your own makeover (hopefully you don't share a bathroom with anybody, sissy!). Many sissies have fantasies about being dressed in French Maid uniforms and cleaning ...well, the outfit isn't necessary here, but first you're going to make sure the counter space and mirror are clean and unblemished. Then you're going to lay out all of the cosmetics you have as though this were going to be where you were going to put on makeup every morning. Then make yourself up. You can then put away your cosmetics...but really, you're just making more work for yourself, sissy.

The simplest task - especially for sissies that do it already. You're going to paint your toenails (in tune with the assignment before). And you're going to leave that polish on until it starts to wear off or until your fingernails extend half a centimeter (about 3/16th of an inch) out from your fingertips. And, of course, if you don't have nail polish then you'll either have to buy some or use a permanent marker.

There's no reason to give in to paranoia like "what if I get injured on my way to work and get stuck in the hospital." If you're in the hospital your loved ones' first question will not be about your pretty toenails. Don't let your cowardly male side subvert your inner sissy's joy!

Happy rolling, sissies!