Sissied Away

It's like getting carried away, but you never know where you might end up. Or what might end up inside you.

Legs wonderfully smooth sissy? Sissy bracelet hanging from your wrist, constantly teasing you with your own femininity that you force yourself to bottle up? Don't worry, you can probably keep the sissy part of yourself under control...for a little longer, anyway :D .


There's a reason she's your Mistress and not your Occasionally Mistress.

Obviously if you are her sissy she knows what's best for you.

(Also this is what I would have posted on Thursday, had my computer decided it didn't want to partially exploded on me half-way through making it - but on the plus side, my computer is back to life :D )

Anonymity (Poster)

So your legs are silky smooth and you might happen to have a shimmering pink bracelet that reminds you that you should be feminine whenever you can. Maybe you've gone out in public very self-conscious that other people will see the shimmer of your painted nails. Maybe you've worried that a coworker would notice your panty lines or bra straps under your shirt.

Or you might be trying to keep your sissy side a secret. And only your neighbors know - staring at you through your bedroom window each time you decide to transform yourself into your beautiful inner sissy. You might even have a secret admirer who doesn't even know your name - only your beautiful feminized form in the window across the street.

Or maybe you've been a very secretive sissy - hoarding your femininity all to yourself :D

Yuki's Years

Don't worry if something seems impossible or unthinkable right now. Time can make a lot of difference. Like going from yucky to yummy.

Of course, a bit of coaxing, prodding and encouragement never hurts (figuratively, at least :D ).


Surely she's just very susceptible.

Maybe you'll be next, and you can know for sure..

Come Off (Assignment)

Cum is a wonderful thing. It is an adhesive, an invisible ink, a means of procreation. For some cultures (or people) it is the flavoring of choice. It's even suspected to be an anti-depressant (I think that means you know what to do the next time you're feeling a little down :D ). But for a sissy the greatest use is probably as a symbol of submission and femininity.

Macho, masculine guys are never supplicant. They never dream or hope to kneel down in front of a guy to show their ability at serving cock. They don't hope to feel the warm burst of cum splashing on their face or inside their mouth.

Remember make-off, sissy? Your assignment is very similar, with some key differences.

You've got another chance to practice your perfect, feminine make-up. You'll certainly want a minimum of lipstick (or gloss), blush, eyeshadow and something a bit more enduring like eyeliner or mascara. Be sure to give your inner sissy the time she deserves, and don't feel obligated rush to get the make-up off.

Now you're going to discover a new use for cum: as a make-up remover.

That's right, you're going to cum or (if you're a very lucky sissy) use someone else's cum to clean off your face. And to help you stay true to your assignment, you must ruin your first orgasm. That way you'll have some cum to work with and you have a better chance of controlling your bothersome other half.

(If you're not familiar with "ruining" an orgasm, this is when you stop stroking your clitty the moment before you cum. Stroke until an instant before you orgasm and then take your hand away. You'll still cum, but it will not be your usual orgasm.)

All you may use to clean off your make-up for the next 24 hours is cum. And you'll have another wonderful use for cum. It's certainly not the most healthful or efficient use of cum (and some sissies may need to ask permission if their mistress has ordered them to drink every drop), but every sissy need to experience the feeling of having dried cum all over her face (and if you might happen to need to explain why you're wearing eyeliner and why you so obviously smell like cum, that's just a side benefit).

You can always elect to not try cleaning off your make-up for the day. Cum getting in your eyes does sting, after all.

(And, as before: safety first. Even if you're cowardly male side is desperate to clean off your make-up, be very careful about rubbing your eyes. They can take the pH change from cum easily (even if it stings), but rubbing bits of powder or dust under your eyelids inadvertently when wiping your eyes can be harmful)


It will all work out in the end.

Of course, it may be inside your end.


"You only need to introduce yourself as 'Sissy Shawna' to 5 people instead of 10."

This is also a great way to keep sissification progressing. Scaling back a goal can be more effective if the alternative is abandoning the goal. You've cum in your shot glass but you're to hesitant to gulp it down? Don't worry, just give it a little dab with your tongue. Convinced yourself to wear a nude fingernail polish outside for a quick walk, but backing down? You can always console yourself with a second place prize of wearing a more brilliant polish color on your toenails for a full week instead!

Ending the Addiction (Sissy Lifestyle)

It's a sad fact that many sissies just have not embraced the comfort, variety, beauty and femininity of panties as everyday wear. Some sissies choose to go each day wearing gross tighty whiteys or unflattering boxers. You are girly and feminine and beautiful—You deserve to wear panties, sissy!

Unfortunately, switching over to panties in one fell-swoop is not feasible for most sissies. Male underwear is an addiction you have to break, girl. And just like smoking, going cold turkey usually ends with poor results. Some sissies have a fear that people will notice, some start too lavishly and can't find panties to wear every day (ironically named boyshorts are perfect if your clitty is being bothersome!). And some sissies have to contend with snooping roommates and family members—so it can be important to go slow.

Needless to say, if you don't even have any girly underwear, your first step is going to have to be buying panties (I recommend using packs of underwear to help build your wardrobe at first).

Now to get on the road to recovering from icky men's underwear. Naturally, if you're here, you should already be wearing a pair of sleek, comfortable, girly panties.

Now gather up all your inappropriate male underwear. How many pairs do you have sissy? That's how many weeks you'll be working on your assignment. Grab a permanent marker or a scissors. It's time for your weekly ritual. And remember: never touch yourself before you complete your assignment.

Start by repeating this:

I promise never to buy men's underwear ever again. 
I am a sissy that deserves to wear women's underwear.
Panties make me confident, sexy and feminine.

Good girl! Repeat as many times as necessary.

Image from Shemale Yum
Now look through your old, stale men's underwear. Find any that have holes or tears and get rid of them. Write "NOT FOR SISSIES" with your marker or simply cut them to pieces. Then throw them out. Think about it sissy, why do you have these tattered clothes? There's no good reason to keep them around.

If you carefully handle your clothes and have a suitable dainty lifestyle (or you're on your second week), you may find that all of your bland male underwear is in tip-top shape (at least in terms of fabric quality). In that case, take your most stained, dirtiest or frayed underwear and get rid of it the same way as before.

Once your old male underwear is tattered remnants or properly marked, throw it in the trash where it belongs.

This will be your weekly endeavor. Set aside a day each week and do it like a good girl. You will slowly wean yourself off the unnecessary habit of wearing men's underwear. As a bonus: more room for awesome girly panties or other clothes in your wardrobe.

(For secretive sissies: other people, like family members or a wife are still allowed to buy underwear for you. You are not allowed to ask them to do it. And you're still going to have to do all the weeks you set forth at the start.)

Busy, Busy, Busy

It's been a few days since I posted anything.  There is, of course, a reason for that.  Work has kept me very busy, there's been a lot of overtime hours put in, and that just doesn't leave me an awful lot of time to devote to this blog.  Things don't seem to be showing any sign of slowing up, either, so the publishing schedule here is going to continue to be fairly erratic.  Thanks to everyone who drops by looking for new content!  I'll do what I can to keep the blog from being dormant for long periods of time.

They're also very busy over at Firm Hand Spanking.  I must say, this kind of "busy" I wouldn't really mind.

Here's a photo from one of their latest offerings.  Allison Miller is always delightful as a spankee--she has one of those bottoms that was made to be turned over a knee and smacked.  She also does nice work as a spanker, and that's the role she plays here.  Allura Shane gets 50 with the riding crop from Allison for failing to do her chores which, in this instance, consist of mucking out the stables.  Apparently Allison gets very cranky  when she goes too long without a good mucking....

(The photo is courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking.  You can go see what they have to offer at:

Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

Since I just used a photo of her from one of her Punished Brats shoots in my last post, I think it's only fair that I name the beautiful Nyssa Nevers as Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week!

Can I Get A Drumroll?

So I was walking through a department store the other day.  I passed the ladies lingerie section and saw a sign that read, "All panties reduced 20%".

I thought to myself, "Well, thank God.  They use too much fabric in those things as it is......"

I was in a department store the next day, and as I walked past the Women's section, I saw a sign that said, "All panties half-off".

I said to myself, "Ridiculous!  In order to give her a proper spanking, they should be all the way off!"

These are the jokes, folks......Can I get a drumroll and a cymbal crash, please?.....Thank you, thank you, I'll be here all week......

Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week

Thanks to the folks at Firm Hand Spanking for this picture.  This photo from one of their latest offerings gives us the lovely Kelly Morgan as Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week.......

...or, more accurately, Dr. Ken's SPANKED Bottom Of The Week.

(photo courtesy of Firm Hand Spanking.  Check them out at

Happy Father's Day

There is an old song that goes:

"If it wasn't for your father
Would your mother be your mother
So remember Dad on Mother's Day"

Well, there's nothing wrong with remembering Dad on his designated holiday, as well.  So to all the Dads.....

...and all the "Daddys".......

....and to all Fathers everywhere, Happy Father's Day 2013!

A Little Photo Caption Fun

I found this picture a day or so ago on the blog About Spankings.  They, in turn, had found and reblogged it from a site called Spanking Glamor.

The caption, however, is all mine.... :-)

  "I've got a bad feeling about this....."

Making Life Easier

"Not wearing any underwear" is probably a spankable offense.....

....although, I must admit, it does it make it easier for a Spanker to get to the bottom of things!

Breaking The Rules

I don't know what the "rules" are for a good spanking photo.  I think we all have some idea of what should go into such a picture, but I don't know if any of the wonderful sites that produce original spanking material necessarily have a "checklist" of dos and don'ts.  If such a thing exists, I can think of two rules that are probably at the top of the "Don't" list....and the naughty young lady in the photo below is breaking both of them:

Rule #1 -- Don't look directly at the photographer.

Rule #2 -- Don't "smile for the camera".

Give me a hairbrush and this young lady over my knee for 20 minutes, and I guarantee she won't do it again... :-)

Scarlett Madison

I stumbled across this photo quite by accident.  No, it's not a nude photo and no, she's not modelling lingerie, but one look and I'm sure you'll understand why I decided to make "glamour" and "pin-up" model Scarlett Madison Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom of the Week....

I mean....Wowsers!

An Error In Judgment

Spanking, she thought, was what you did to little kids.  She was a big girl.  An adult.  All grown-up.  She could easily take a spanking.  Heck, she'd probably barely even feel it.

Boy, was she wrong!