distractions from eye contact

Now here is a video of a response that you could give.. MEMORIZE IT but I somehow doubt it.will work.. It is humorous.

This might be the actual response
and if a double loopy Johnny is shown...RUN FOR THE HILLS!!!keep smiling
Happy Spankings

my bottom hurts

A few photos of spanked bottoms
Do you stand there holding it for comfortand do you rub the hurt away a littleor are you trying to stop future imminent spanksHowever, do you simply have to kneel there displaying it to the spanker and let it be cooled by the air, EVENTUALLY...or is a cuddle in order to calm the tearswhatever your situationTry to remember the cuddle necessary to suave your hurt bottom..Happy Spankings

female domination fun photos

These photos are definitely different, but interesting to publish anyways....

Remember, start the training early in your relationship. The wedding seems an appropriate place to show his place in the relationship.
Notice that after a while, you can move the leash from the genitals.to the mouth
so that you can go for a ride whenever you want
You can always take a ride in the country, or just a quiet walk walk in the parkyou could even invite a friend to come a roundbut keep in mind sometimes you have to use the stick instead of sugarif the boys start to act upFinally, when the day's events are drawing to a close
there is always a chair available for you to useor a foot rest for your confortNow don't forget your foot massageand finally simply sit and be erotically entertained..Happy domination


Will you find contentment at the end of a hair brushso, my advice to anyone who has asked their partner to spank them, then do not worry, simply say to your partnerand be happy afterwardsHappy SpankingsRed

attitude adjustor

It is always good when a woman is happy in whatever she doesand if she asks a friend to help her outhead for the hills
Happy Spankings

leather strap before vacation

Sometimes I get a little grumpy if we are not going out and doing things. Thus, visiting with other people sometimes needs a bit of patience, which I sometimes lack, no matter how hard I try.Thus, we have come upon the happy alternative of a spanking before we travel!

Thus, it was a trip over Cindy's knee,bare bottomed, for first a hand spanking, and then a spanking with the leather strap. This is very effective, but after two minutes, Cindy decided that I should lie on the bed, as then she could spank both cheeks easier.Onto the bed, with a pillow under my groin, and then some vigorous spanks. Cindy even took to only spanking one cheek at a time, and they were even more effective because the elongated edge has to land somewhere, and many times it delicately thudded between the cheeks.When Cindy was pleased with her efforts, after a few stops to make certain I was breathing and not holding my breath, she declared the spanking over, and I thanked her for the spanking.

So we are off for a few days, and the blog will continue when I get back...

Happy spankings

Spanking in Private School

Stacy Stockton’s huge blue eyes widen in shock as Principal Reed decides to spank her bare bottom for tardies. Lying over his knee, her creamy cheeks quiver red as 190 firm smacks rain down. Stacy has never been spanked before, so give her a warm welcome! From Firm Hand Spanking!

The slipper for a schoolgirl

When naughty schoolgirl Jessica Jensen is discovered to be laying on her bed playing with her pussy, and still in her school uniform her guardian is not best pleased, she should be doing homework not taking finger pleasure. He decides that the only way to sort things out will be by way of his rather hard slipper and so she is bent over and gets a good slippering first on her school knickers and then on her bare bottom from English Spanking.

Tara - Birthday Party

Tara is displeased with every detail of her birthday party and is whining about it loudly in front of her guests. Julie takes the spoiled girl in another room, pulls up her party dress, and spanks her well within earshot of her friends from Punished Brats.

Ivy Paddled for her Behavior in Gym

Danny drags Ivy into an empty room and paddles her over the shorts for her consistent bad behavior in gym. She is left in time out with a very bruised bottom from Real Spankings Institute.