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leather strap before vacation

Sometimes I get a little grumpy if we are not going out and doing things. Thus, visiting with other people sometimes needs a bit of patience, which I sometimes lack, no matter how hard I try.Thus, we have come upon the happy alternative of a spanking before we travel!

Thus, it was a trip over Cindy's knee,bare bottomed, for first a hand spanking, and then a spanking with the leather strap. This is very effective, but after two minutes, Cindy decided that I should lie on the bed, as then she could spank both cheeks easier.Onto the bed, with a pillow under my groin, and then some vigorous spanks. Cindy even took to only spanking one cheek at a time, and they were even more effective because the elongated edge has to land somewhere, and many times it delicately thudded between the cheeks.When Cindy was pleased with her efforts, after a few stops to make certain I was breathing and not holding my breath, she declared the spanking over, and I thanked her for the spanking.

So we are off for a few days, and the blog will continue when I get back...

Happy spankings