Ashley's OTK Spanking

shley Graham is a very naughty and bratty young madam who shows some of that sassy attitude as she wriggles, complains and squirms over John's lap as he gives her a deserved spanking after complaining about being on a spanking shoot rather than modelling lingerie! Ashley hasn't been spanked for a while so what better than to get her lovely derriere nicely tanned with a good old fashioned OTK spanking! She's a gorgeous girl who we loved filming and she has the most jigglesome booty and boobies imaginable! See for yourself in this first ever film she made with us from Triple A Spanking!

The Dirty Pictures

Schoolgirls Fae and Tiina ran out of pocket money and Fae told Tiina that one of her friends made a lot of money by sending some dirty pictures of herself to a website. The dirtier the pictures, the more she got paid. The girls decided that they would do the same to make a few hundred quid. Unfortunately for them, the Headmaster found out and they both got severely scolded and spanked. In part one Tiina gets her bottom soundly spanked from Spanked In Uniform!

Nothing like a bare strapping to shape up Allaura Shane

The crack of a leather strap across jutting bare cheeks announces that Allaura Shane is in trouble with her landlord Alison Miller - again! She’s the Houseguest from Hell, and borrowed Alison’s clothes without asking. That’s 44 strokes of the strap - hard from Firm Hand Spanking!

Veronica & Paris Kennedy Spanked in Front of Class

Veronica is late for class for the third time and she discovers what the penalty for that is - an otk spanking from Miss Snow in front of the entire class. She is humiliated as they all laugh at her. She also gets hard whacks with a yardstick that leaves marks. But Paris Kennedy, who is wearing an extremely short uniform, also gets spanked in front of the class, while Veronica stands in the corner, nose to the wall, her sore bare bottom facing the class from Spanking Sorority Girls!

Spanking helps Belinda Lawson’s memory

Hot blonde high school senior Belinda Lawson is in trouble for bringing no study materials to School Detention. Richard Anderson administers a hard, fast spanking. Skirt up, panties down, her buttocks quiver and redden under 180 fast smacks from Firm Hand Spanking!

Lady Suzanne Spanked Naked

At Unladylike Manor Lady Suzanne calls to see Lord Stern but after meeting with nurse Amelia Jane Rutherford her plan is thwarted by Lady Sarah. A heavy price will be extracted by her Ladyship and Suzanne knows just what is to happen to her. Skirt raised, bent over and her silk panties removed she is spanked hard on the bare bottom and then made to remove all her clothes for further punishment from Spanking Sarah.

Little Ten

Ten comes home from work cranky, but Pandora knows what she needs. She tells Ten to change into her little girl clothes, and gives her a long, firm bare bottom spanking until she's sore and sorry from >Dreams of Spanking!

Trainee teacher Valerie Bryant

What effect will 29 strokes with a thick leather strap have on trainee teacher Valerie Bryant? All part of Learning Curve as Richard Anderson shows her the most effective methods of corporal punishment. See her bare cheeks bounce in slow-motion replays from Firm Hand Spanking!

Glen and Scott

Glen is a 23 year old straight porn star who likes being dominated by women, but this week Scott has him tied to the rafters with his cock and balls locked in the stocks and shows him what it's like being dominated by a man. Scott lays into him with leather and metal paddles and a vicious metal cane and Glen is unable to move without causing extreme pain to his balls as he cries out, his beautiful brown eyes pleading forrelief. In no time at all he is calling Scott sir and begging him to stop. So much for this "dominant" straight guy from Reluctant Young Men.

Schoolgirl Clover Gets The Hairbrush

Schoolgirl Clover has killed the tortoise she stole from a zoo and her headmaster insists that she is punished at home. A good spanking has already been administered and now it's time for the hairbrush. Bent over she gets it first on her white school knickers and then these are lowered to enable her Aunt to whack her bare bottom. Good hard strokes of the brush soon make her a very sorry young lady from Spanking Sarah.

Tough training for cadet Leia-Ann Woods

Military Training is a tough environment, as Leia-Ann Woods discovers when she visits counter-intelligence officer Thomas Cameron for humiliation resistance tuitiont. Reading aloud as she’s spanked hard 256 times is a test for Leia-Ann’s willpower - and her rear from Firm Hand Spanking!

Audrey - Seeking Attention

Celebrity personal trainer is at his wits end with his new PR rep Audrey. When she's caught texting instead of completing the assignments he's given her, he tosses her over his knee and gives her bottom a thorough spanking from Punished Brats.