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My 6-year Blogiversary!!

Maybe it's because I've been somewhat busy and distracted.  Maybe it's the mind-numbing Winter weather we've been having.  Maybe I'm getting old (naw, it couldn't possibly be that!).  Whatever the reason, I managed to skip right by this blog's Anniversary date!

January 16, 2008.  I sat down in front of my computer after browsing through many a spanking blog and said to myself, "Heck, I can do that."  And now, 6 years later, I'm still trying to convince myself of that fact.  It certainly hasn't been as easy as I thought it was going to be--but it's sure been fun!

I find it hard to believe that this blog is (for the moment, anyway) still here, and Bonnie's My Bottom Smarts has closed up shop.  Bonnie was one of the first to bring attention to my blog by including it in one of her "New blogs" posts.  Amber "Pixie" Wells was another who exchanged links with me early on, which helped drive in some much needed traffic.  And, as always, I have to mention Dave of The Cherry Red Report who, if memory serves was the very first person to include me in their blog roll.

I also have to thank Chross for every now and then including me in his blogs "Spankings of the Week" feature.  A mention there and I see the number of visitors per day double, triple or quadruple over what I normally get.  Thanks, Chross, it's much appreciated.

And, of course, writing this blog has meant that I've had the chance to get to know--online, at least--so many other wonderful people who share my appreciation and enjoyment of This Thing We Do.  Thank you, Hermione, Ronnie, Veronica, Devlin, Michael and Season and all the others who drop by and leave a comment or two now and then and still manage to do such marvelous work on their own blogs.

It's a few days late, but "better late than never".  So roll out the barrel, strike up the band, and let's party!  I know exactly how I'd like to celebrate--any ladies care to volunteer for the festivities?

It's been a trip for 6 years.  Shall we try for 7?