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Another Addition

First off, I'd like to introduce you to my biggest fan:

Okay, that's enough "pun"ishment for one evening......

The second thing is another addition to the blog roll. I'm sure many of you have checked out the site, Spank That Brat, as well as the Spank that Brat Blog. Both follow the exploits of Audrey Knight and Abigail Whitaker and their relationship.

If you like those, then you should also check out a sister site, Miss Audrey Spanks. It's the official spanking site of Audrey Knight, featuring both F/f and F/m spankings as only Miss Audrey can dole out. And yes, there is an accompanying blog--the aptly named Miss Audrey Spanks Blog.
I have added links to both sites on the right hand side of the page. The link to Miss Audrey Spanks can be found under the "Commercial Sites" heading. The Miss Audrey Spanks Blog is where you'd expect it to be, listed under the heading, "More Blogs I Read". Give them both a look, won't you? Miss Audrey is waiting for you......