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"DKSBOTW", if you haven't worked it out already, stands for "Dr. Ken's Spankable Bottom Of The Week".  And this week's candidate came in a round-about way.

I was doing online image searches for some of my favorite actresses from TV.  (Yes, it was Saturday, I had no one to actually spank, I was bored....)  Anyway, I entered one name, and the usual slew of .jpgs came up, and this picture was among them--which is strange, because I'm pretty sure it's NOT the actress I was searching for.  It could be her, I guess--people's looks do change over time--it just doesn't look like the mental image I have of her.

This happens at times, I know.  Search engines can sometimes focus on the wrong thing and give you stuff you don't want.  I admit I was a little disappointed that it wasn't the person I was searching for, since it's a nice enough photo.

Still, even if it's someone I don't know--the picture is good enough to make her the Spankable Bottom Of The Week!